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TURN Chair

moulded birch veneers, ink, wax
welded metal, acid-etched surface, wax

The TURN Chair is a simple composition providing a seat. The materials are used according to their structural values in the most minimalistic way expressing the beauty of simplicity.

The method of bending veneers by moulding allows for the creation of various bent wooden surfaces, attracting the ideas of specific shapes. Beyonde this obvious approach, the design in this chair aims to use the structural benefits of the bent veneers, resulting in a shape that aligns with the requirements of a chair’s resistance.
​Layering and bending the veneer sheets provide extremely advantageous structural properties. This chair is about utilizing every possible layering option based on its corresponding structural advantage; the thickness, the order, the sizes, the grain direction and the bending direction of the layers. The main feature is the bent arch which can withstand high forces if loaded from the correct direction. This is why the essence of the chair design is a flexible joint that takes on the load when seated.

It is suitable for both a dining and work chair, which is a common requirement nowadays, as remote work from the dining table is becoming more prevalent. Its flexible seating surface keeps our lower back in motion depending on the posture we adopt.

The chair's design allows it to be easily disassembled and reassembled for convenient storage and transportation. Its materials and design also make it recyclable, making it eco-friendly.

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