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Imola Balogh is a young furniture designer and architect from Hungary, currently based in Helsinki. She studied at Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest, and later at Aalto University in Helsinki. Imola designes furniture for Alkeis and also serves as an industrial designer at Woamy, while also engaging in independent collaboration with the latter as a designer.

In all of her works, she follows a design philosophy focused on realizing the potential of raw materials inherent in their true nature. She utilizes materials according to their natural characteristics, resulting in designs that are environmentally friendly and efficient for production.

Design for her means understanding and explaining. While understanding deeply the needs of a function, the nature of a material and the build of a structure, she is explaining them clearly again in her own harmonized way, so it results in distinctive design.

Her current interest is related to lighting design. She is working on a study using a newly developed bio-material called woodfoam by Woamy. Apart from the industrial use of the material, she is experimenting with integrating it with light. read more →

With her product concepts, Imola searches for suitable brands and manufacturers where production can shape her concepts further and add new value to her designs.

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